Boiler Installations in Hedon and Keyingham

Our new boiler installations will help you save money on your energy bills. Modern appliances work more efficiently, which avoids the common problem of heat loss from older boilers.

For all our new boiler installations in Hedon and Keyingham areas, one of our friendly, fully qualified, gas safe heating engineers will be happy to help you choose a new boiler that is suitable for your property and usage. We have put together some points you may wish to consider when choosing a new boiler:

  • Which type of heating system do you have now, does it work for you?
  • How much water on do you/your family use?
  • Could you consider taking advantage of renewable energy?
  • How big is your property?

One of our friendly, experianced team will be happy to come and take a look at the size of your property and go through your daily usage and needs with you to ensure 100% that you choose the right boiler for your needs. We offer free no obligation quotes and home visits to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. We offer boiler installations in Hedon and Keyingham amongst other areas.


Having a reliable boiler to provide heating and hot water is one of the most essential part of your home. If your boiler has not been correctly installed, been poorly maintained or has not been regularly serviced, it could produce carbon monoxide gas. This is a dangerous substance and very harmful which could even lead to fatalities.

It is essential in your day to day life to have an A rated boiler installed in your property, for you and your family. Here at Protech Hull we aim to provide you with a brillaint all-round service, we know how important your home is to you, which is why it’s important to us to always take pride in every job while also taking care of your home.

If you live in, or near Hedon or Keyingham areas then please give us a call to obtain a free, no obligation estimate for the work you require on 01482 352643.